About Keith

I live on the beautiful island of Martinique. For me it is an idyllic blend of the Caribbean spirit, friendly people, great weather, fresh fruit and blue seas.

I am building my businesses.


1 – I am an English communication skills coach and love helping people boost their understanding of the English language.

Check – http://facebook.peek.link/2iYu


2 – I have published and E-book of my poems and working on more books.

Check  amazon.com/author/keithstewart1


3 – I am developing a range of aparrel – bags,caps, notebooks etc.

Check – https://rdbl.co/3yzMtDK


4 – Animations and videos that tell the stories I want to share.

Check – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX0cB-CJ6z7h8HMIUe28BLA



Once the covid rollercoaster settles I will travel again – India for the Taj Mahal. Egypt for The Pyramids. Jordan for Petra. And the Antarctica because I don’t like the cold. In the past four years I have travelled and lived in eight different countries. I am based in Martinique in The Caribbean – because I revel in blue seas, friendly people, learning French and all that fresh fruit.

Reading, listening to music, old films and T.V. programmes during my time off.





Photograph by www.cogphotography.com