Keith has always enjoyed writing poetry and drawing as a child. One day he discovered the camera and enjoys pointing and shooting to see what emerges.

To explore and find out for himself he has been on a couple of fantastic trips with the camera. He loves to visit places, meet people, visit sites and write his own story. Keith does not depend on the media to tell him how to think.

In his exhibitions he uses a range of ways to display pieces. He loves to put the ideas out there and let the viewer decide for him or herself what it means.


There’s no tick, no tock.

Can’t even see a clock.

I’m just waiting for the sun to rise.

There’s voices.

There’s music.

There’s walking too.

I’m just waiting for the sun to rise.


I remember our last time together.

I held your hand and relayed the picture.

From my eyes to your ears and

we watched the sunrise.

What’s the last star in the sky called?

Is it time to “trabjir”?

I enjoy a Cuban feast for my eyes.

I’m just waiting for the sun to rise.

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