Ever since I can remember, I gravitated towards creative pursuits with an early passion for drawing and writing poetry. These artistic sensibilities have been the constant throughout my life and have provided a meaningful platform to capture and share the beauty and truth I find around me.

I discovered the camera as a young adult and have not looked back since! As an independent thinker aiming to live an authentic life, the camera is my companion which enables me to share images with others.

The camera enables me to capture moments where light, people or objects come together in ways that inspire interest and provoke deeper thought. Photographs taken reflect my own personal values of honesty, dignity, empathy and justice – but as is the way with all art – their interpretation is entirely down to the individual.

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There’s no tick, no tock.

Can’t even see a clock.

I’m just waiting for the sun to rise.

There’s voices.

There’s music.

There’s walking too.

I’m just waiting for the sun to rise.

I remember our last time together.

I held your hand and relayed the picture.

From my eyes to your ears and

we watched the sunrise.

What’s the last star in the sky called?

Is it time to “trabjir”?

I enjoy a Cuban feast for my eyes.

I’m just waiting for the sun to rise.