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After twenty eight years of struggle to establish an identity, presence and acceptance I was sort of surprised to learn that Black History Month doesn’t happen in Wandsworth. This was while attending an event – 2000 years of British black music (delivered by Kwaku). It was held at Battersea Library which is run by Better/Greenwich Leisure Limited.
Wandsworth has Diversity month instead to “reflect ….all individuals and cultural groups within our borough” The librarian let slip the connection to funding, or the lack of funding or the chance to save money.
So you can wipe out the struggles, achievements and existence of a whole race by renaming their day. After fifty years in the U.K. and a thirty year career contributing to the life of the NHS my mother’s (and that of many, many others) recognition is that. 
Why am I complaining? 
I should listen to David Cameron and “move on” (October 2015). 
Black History Month has been celebrating the contributions and history of black communities and individuals since 1987.
I accept the realities of funding in our supposed times of austerity. Will Holocaust Memorial Day in January, LGBT History Month in February and International Women’s Day in March be cancelled? Or renamed?
Let’s hold our breaths and see what happens once the seasonal light displays come down (formally known as Xmas lights).
It is easy to talk with cultural groups about what they want celebrated and how.
How was the black community involved in this decision?
Looking forward to hearing the views of the Council Leader, local press and others.

On September 25th after twenty years of sharing the home with my late mum I am moving. The house in London is sold and I am house hunting to eventually settle in Hove, East Sussex.
I am now on a six month sabbatical from work. I loved my role as a Conflict Resolution Trainer for Ikon Training, Ipswich. But it is now time to rest, reflect, travel and find a new home.
2015-08-26 11.08.11

Barrington’s coffee shop, Edinburgh.

I started my sabbatical with some days full of nothing – rubbish t.v. and junk food. Then had my first trip to Edinburgh for the festival. What a great city for strolling around, lots to see and a chilled out feel. I saw the comedian Stewart Lee plus a couple of other shows on the Fringe. Then I spent a few days in Doncaster with my great friends there – shopping, eating, walking, and visiting York. And had my first taste of a Jaimie Oliver’s restaurant, which was better than I expected. I managed to complete three rolls of film and am enjoying taking photos again – old school. And I invested in a new Canon digital camera – impressive. So much, in so little – new school.
2015-08-25 15.54.34

The Mound, Edinburgh.

Valencia, Spain this year and in 2016 a trip to Cuba and America will be my next on my travels. Cities like Canterbury, Liverpool, Berlin and Prague also sound good.
The independent investigation in to the poor treatment of my mother by wandsworth council and the care home she was in has begun.
Contact me if you would like to see a copy of the report and are willing to send feedback letters to the council.



BLOGGING ON THE MOVE-The Edinburgh Festival 2015

Hello, let’s give it a try. I have just eaten a lovely meal at the jollof  hub on, Chapel
2015-08-26 18.40.36

Street , Edinburgh. Great West African food. Lamb chops, plantain, and jollof of rice. Chatted to a friendly guy sitting here but the next people weren’t so cheery. I completed my second roll of film today. Great to be creative and play. I also visited two good record stores and got a Luther vandross album from the list. Lots of new dad’s to watch. And on Friday I should sign the contract on the house. And move out on the 18th September.  One era ends and a new one begins. Blogging on the move could be here.KS

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I have just looked at my blog –  whole year since my last post. It’s been an eventful time. Big changes.
So it’s time to start writing again.
chat soon.
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