6th JANUARY 2013 - MARGARET THATCHER-THE IRON LADY.I watched the film – a mix of reality and writers imagination. I
No post for months. It has been a busy and stressful time. The Jubilee, The Olympics, family problems and a summer
17TH APRIL 2012 - STOP THESE CHAINS!  I was sent a chain email recently. I wrote this in reaction to it –
. 22nd March 2012 - HOPE DYINGThe queen has rededicated herself to the service of the nation. Tough break Charles.“I’ll
13/3/12GOD SAVE THE QUEENClever manipulation? Harry and his first tour is a big success. Don’t we ALL love Kate? She
FEELIN' ALRIGHTFantastic – my best day for weeks. I was able to complete the three/four mile walk to the doctors
4th MARCH 2012MUCH, MUCH less pain. More sleep. Even more joy was the visit by my sister and two nieces
3rd MARCH 2012Things are improving slowly. I am still getting pain but not as much or as often as before.
1ST MARCH 2012EMERGENCY WARD 10.Two days on and I am lying on my back with needles and things being poked
28th Feb 2012FREE AT THE POINT OF ACCESS.Normally I would have walked up Trafalgar Street without a worry. Today –
27th Feb 2012OUT TO LUNCH.I phoned the Labour Party Head Office today just before 1p.m. I followed the instructions -
I am not doing too well on keeping this blog going. There seems to be so many other things to
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