The next step as part of building on the experience of managing the complaints and investigations into the card of
THURSDAY JULY 19th, 2016 I am considering voting Con servative. I want to be in a Party that has a
SUNDAY APRIL 17TH 2016 Just watching the Brighton marathon. Fantastic. I am standing at the half way stage. People clapping
LOSING CONTROL    It was a good day and there was lots of control and not much in there that
19th OCTOBER 2015 - BLACK HISTORY MONTH CANCELLED After twenty eight years of struggle to establish an identity, presence and
On September 25th after twenty years of sharing the home with my late mum I am moving. The house in
Hello, let's give it a try. I have just eaten a lovely meal at the jollof  hub on, Chapel Street
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I have just looked at my blog -  whole year since my last post. It's been an eventful time. Big
21ST DECEMBER 2013 - HAPPY EVERYTHING!   It's been a busy few months and there is alot to write about.
19th OCTOBER 2013 - SPACE!   Space is what I am creating over these weeks. Clearing out the draws; packing
SATURDAY 5TH OCTOBER - NOT MUCH TO SAY - THINKING A LOT.   Just back to good old Streatham. What