YouTube is a great invention. Marvin Gaye’s greatest hits playing in the background. A chilly but light Berlin day is
It fell right into place. A few weeks of house sitting in Brighton allowed me to finish organising storage, paper
17th JULY TO SUNDAY 20th AUGUST 2017 “If you do follow your bliss.......” I can’t remember where I first read
THE WARREN, BRIGHTON FRINGE. “Cancelled: Jackie Kay and Zaffar Kunial”. Their appearance at the Brighton Festival I assume – not
MAY 2017 Clapham Common, South London was once my daily destination. From 1970 to 1975 the 37 bus carried me
THEY/ONLAR has its British premier at the 2017 Brighton Festival until May 29th. Shown in the gothic, atmospheric and cool
GET WITH THE PRORAMME! Everyone knows what trump stands for. Many of those core things won’t and can’t change. Because
America hasn’t woken up to a President Trump. The cars are moving, the shops are open and the drills are
​ CRUISE CONTROL AND KICKBACK. The drive to The Canyon is one long straight road almost. With a detour to Route
WHAT A STUPID IDEA THESE “MUST SEE AND DO LISTS” ARE. I just crossed two off my list. I got
As you fly across the world the awesomeness of our planet unfolds before your eyes. They need a “take a
​“THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS POWERLESS PEOPLE” SUNDAY JULY 31ST 2016 Politics with a large and small p are