English/Tefl courses

What’s the real advantage of developing English communication skills in 2021?

International connections? Gaining access to the best markets in the world?

More networking and relationship-building opportunities? Tripling or quadrupling your earning potential? Taking up leadership positions?

Your goals may vary, but what we know for sure is that the opportunities are huge. However, it’s not easy to acquire the skill.

★ : Students will join Masterclass sessions where they meet interesting people with different backgrounds. The goal is to practice real-world English with a new contact and gain and exchange insights about our lives.

★ : Debate sessions in a friendly environment. Through this we sharpen our articulation skills and get comfortable through challenging and stimulating with using our growing range of language skills.

★ : 1-1 coaching sessions designed to consolidate the knowledge from the first two dimensions. Time to reflect and get feedback from your coach.

I adore working with and meeting new people. Don’t you? It is the energy of life. I love travelling. I brought together my skills, experience, and love of travelling to create a new career in coaching people how to improve their English communication skills to enrich their lives. I want my students to become their best self.

The unique Talkzilla approach to developing communication skills is intended to energise and propel our students to 10x their personal and professional lives in this rapidly changing world.

I have taught students in classrooms in Spain, Poland, Mexico, and Brazil. And online in Pakistan, Hungary and Macau, China.


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