About Keith

I am a qualified TEFL/TESOL Teacher and have worked in Poland, Spain, Brazil and Mexico. As well as teaching students online.Helping others to improve their English language skills is one of my passions.

After a career involving Youth Work projects which enhanced local communities in 2001, I became a Freelance Trainer specialising in Conflict Resolution, Assertiveness and Equal Opportunities & Diversity. Since then, I have worked with a broad range of organisations in the Public, Third and Charitable sectors – training employees of these organisations and their clients. And young people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Working with diverse sectors of the community through my training further enhanced my own ability to relate to and connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. These observations on life became reflected through my writing and photography, both of which I have explored further in my adult years, culminating in the creation of my first book of poems and photographs “Sikhona, Sawubona” and a desire to take this to the next level.