Up early. Taxi. Hang about.Train.Hang about. Airport. Read. An easy and comfortable flight. Modern travelling is a breeze when it all

goes right.
Hola Barcelona!
The waiting is over and my next trip begins. A great way to start the final three months of my year. I love Barcelona. Another city that is joyful to just stroll around and get lost in.Cosmopolitan. Modern.Old.Lively. Colour full. Lots of streets to get lost in. Fashionable alongside tacky touristy.
This time I tackled the Metro with help it felt comfortable and easy to handle. Easy to navigate. Like it is in many European cities. Quiet from the airport and busier when we came to Catalunya and the city centre. The station area looked like a market in an African town. Lots of black African men with their white blankets spread out and an array of bags, trainers and football shirts for sale. All calmly done. In a way not the best site for a central underground station. Scrappy. But part of the fabric of the city now. They sell their wares in other parts of the city too. Modern entrepreneurs? Can they move from these blankets to shops of their own?
No hotel? No panic! On the way into the city I got a text. The room I had booked – The guy isn’t in the city. Excuses and sorry…..blah,blah. and an alternative found. Easy. The wonders of modern technology. Smartphone, website and a credit card. Frustrating but sorted.
A catastrophe averted over a meal at Taco Bell. Onwards.
The Bnb I found is a few minutes from La Ramblas. Perfect. Friendly. Clean. Good night!!


Keith Stewart – from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. A qualified TEFL teacher, Murder She Wrote and Colombo aficionado. A Spanish music and Motown fan.
2nd JANUARY 2019 – BLOG #54
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