​There are 3 core quotes to the soundtrack of my life at present – 

Kenny Loggins – “What you learn when you jump” (from the album Live at the Redwoods”.

Joseph Campbell – “Follow your bliss”

Muhammad Ali – “I know who I am”

It’s 5 months since I “started following my bliss”. It has been true that doors, experiences and ideas have appeared where I did not think they were. And they are just for me. Some days I am 100% happy and other days less than 100%. And that is o.k. Never below 80% because I have a blessed life. I have a resting state of joy. Being happy is really bliss. And bliss is joy. And joy is what I swim around in. Joy and bliss are emotions that I can take control of and direct. Therefore, I am not dependent on others for my happiness or joy. If you are only happy because I am – that’s up to you.

I have changed and am changing my relationship with lots of things and people – directly, indirectly and organically. I was initially worried and unsettled by not having a “home”. The physical thing. Possessions, doors, keys, my…. Then I realised that I could be my “home”. And now I recognise that the reason I feel at home here in Perth. Or loved Berlin. Or feel settled in Sheffield is because I am my home. And therefore home goes where I go. And I create home anywhere. My life is not valued or judged against anyone else’s life. I don’t have to keep up with the Jones’s or worry about them. I set my goals and values.


WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR life when you unhook from some of the things the capitalist system has and needs you to log into. No car. No Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, xmas? New Year, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Bosses Day – every day. Rewrite YOUR relationship to them. Each year there is something more to buy because your children won’t wear the same Halloween costume each year. And it won’t be long before that three meat bird becomes four. Something more to buy and stress about.




JUMP, FLY, SOAR – has allowed a new freedom. Where do I go? When do I go?  I can change the plans if I want to?  What if Australia/Asia is just my winter spot? Or actually it’s summer now. I could spend three months here in the sunshine. Volunteer at the Perth Festival, meet people, write, sleep, read and join in events. Every year.

Stresses – the stress in my life now is around physical travelling – planes, buses. But once you learn the route. The stress level lowers. I have discovered Airport Lounges and for £40 a go reduced my stress levels. Wi-fi – I discovered how to turn of mobile data and turn on wi-fi in coffee shops like this. Stress level lowered. Banks/cash cards/pin numbers etc. I have more than one card with me – levels lowered

Meanwhile – the lifestyle here in Perth is sunny. Lots of space. No crowds – except at xmas – outside of the city or shops and malls. Clean streets. Relaxed. Newness of the housing estates. Seeing the sun flashing on the sea from the train window. The experiences are new – my accent is of interest to some people. Bus and train staff are helpful and smile. Air con on the train. Everywhere, everywhere serves good coffee!

Black people – women too – smile and say hi. Just like Berlin and not like London or Brighton or Sheffield.

Stickys – that fly that won’t go away. I see very few convertibles. Finding great t-shirts. Wearing flip flops. The humidity and heat. Lots of water to drink – cucumber/lemon to taste. Less use of skin creams and sprays. The temperature – what is it?

Today Wednesday 20th December is 27° centigrade and 36°humidity.

I can tick off Asia from my list of continents to see. I visited Bangkok and Bali. Well if they can have a show called “Asia’s got talent” – I can tick my list.

Keith Stewart – from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. A qualified TEFL teacher, Murder She Wrote and Colombo aficionado. A Spanish music and Motown fan.
20th DECEMBER 2017 – BLOG #51
Only to be used with permission or attribution.