CRUISE CONTROL AND KICKBACK. The drive to The Canyon is one long straight road almost. With a detour to Route 66 and a Big Mac meal. Essential cultural input. The drive is straightforward and with Praveen it is happily laden with information and good conversation.

We are on the west side of the south rim of the Canyon. I am surprised to see the lodges and hotel at the top. But there is great selection. With superb views and a wonderful area to walk around. The bus system, categorized by colour, gives you a range of ways to explore all of the south side. There are shops, views, a food shop, information points, the works. As with The Dam, Praveen tells me to keep looking down as we walk to the viewpoint. To get the real impact. And he is right again. All those words and descriptions don’t fit until you are standing there and looking out at The Canyon. Then the superlatives edge into place. As I look up I really do feel the view take my breath away. WOW!!

This is when an old film camera man like me approves of digital. I can click to my hearts content. It’s a slightly overcast day that keeps opening up. The sun creates pockets of light across The Canyon. We can see clearly all around. Down to the floor and river area. There is so much to take in. And all from different precarious angles as we move around. My unease at heights is a great challenge that is worth over coming. Because the reward for each step closer to the edge is more view. More angles. More splendour.

The place is busy but not overrun so it is comfortable to move about. But there is a lovely multi cultural mix. This sums up the beauty of the world. The natural splendour of The Canyon. The man made wonder of The Dam. The endless energy of Las Vegas.

My amazing day left me with that wonderful exhaustion. Lots done and seen and much of it unexpected. So now The Dam can be crossed off my list. But now I have to add to the list a few days touring The Canyon……..


Keith Stewart – from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. A qualified TEFL teacher, Murder She Wrote and Colombo aficionado. A Spanish music and Motown fan.
NOVEMBER 2016 – BLOG #41
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