LISTS ARE A WASTE OF TIME……. (part 1) #40

WHAT A STUPID IDEA THESE “MUST SEE AND DO LISTS” ARE. I just crossed two off my list. I got to see Caesar’s Palace and apparently he never lived there. Since buying the 1974 Diana Ross Live at Caesar’s Palace album I’ve wanted to see the place. Its huge and not what I expected but I had my morning coffee at the Starbucks there. I was happy. It is true that when you travel it is reassuring to sometimes be able to go to a chain that looks exactly the same anywhere in the world. Lush cosmetics for instance. (Why do you think my skin is so good). And the same level of service. Familiar ground gives a feeling of safety.

I had to see Vegas because I am in the area. But I really wanted to visit The Hoover Dam – number two on my list. I’ve always wanted to see this man built marvel. It looks stunning and a fantastic jewel in the crown of engineering. The history, the technology, the ingenuity all embody our humanity at its best. So there I was at 7 a.m. heading off with my new, old friend Praveen. We met on the couchsurfing website and he had a great offer to all. Pay the petrol and he would drive a thousand miles. In the end he drove a mere 500 or so miles in our day. Humanity and friendship at its best. We drove and chatted and chatted. He is an engineer so the perfect guide to The Dam. The words to describe the sights of the day sound like clichés but just fit. Wonderful. Amazing. Fantastic. Stunning. Superb. Breath taking. Awe inspiring. Wow. And more.

The new road bridge that takes you past the Dam has pylons thrust 100 feet into the mountainside and gives you a great view of the Dam. All day these heights felt like being suspended in the air. Even more scary was the roaring traffic on one side and the view of The Dam on the other side.Both structures unfold around you and it is then that I recognise the great things people can do. The Dam built in 1931 lays before you in splendour. Still feel nervous looking over the bridge to The Dam below. Praveen points out things – the windows to the offices within The Dam, hidden below the water are buildings, train lines, accommodation  – all the necessities for the massive workforce who built The Dam. Security is strong and acts fast to tackle the risk of terrorist attacks. Cars can’t stop on the bridge.

We arrived about 7.30 a.m. to an empty car park. We leave about 9.00 a.m. just as the over priced coach tours arrive. Breakfast beckons – Starbucks or McDonalds – us explorers like things we know.


Keith Stewart – from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. A qualified TEFL teacher, Murder She Wrote and Colombo aficionado. A Spanish music and Motown fan.
OCTOBER 2016 – BLOG #40
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