America hasn’t woken up to a President Trump. The cars are moving, the shops are open and the drills are drilling as they build new luxury apartments here in sunny Hollywood, Florida. But the world hasn’t woken up to a Trump presidency, the new Trump political dynasty and that this man and HIS people will run the country for the next eight years. This is how one part of the American political cycle works. Every eight years the governing party changes. Except it seems for the Senate and The House. It is an exciting and new time. What if he really cuts the military budget?  Britain could learn from that – Trident missiles? I see an EU official already saying we will not be able to rely on the American military so Europe needs its own force.  What if America becomes more focused on its own people and their problems? The economy was a big factor for many. This could mean more jobs where they are. The never ending silence to their voices could be over too. Very similar to Brexit and Britain. Germany, France and Spain must take note.

A couple of Trump supporters I spoke with want him because he isn’t a slick politician and can really change things. The fact that the Republican Party isn’t behind him. And that big experts, the media, The Democrats are All against him is more proof that he is independent. He has highlighted the faults in the system. As a businessman he does what the system allows him to. He can change that as a President. He is no ones puppet. Self funded too. This is what they need. They are desperate for change this time.

I am not clear why a businessman would change a system skewed in his favour and that of his dinner party friends too. To help ordinary America?

Trump didn’t invent racism. You can try to act as if he is the fire but it doesn’t wash. Because he is the spark. He just blurts out what too many people have been secretly and privately thinking. In their homes, bars, sports clubs, at bbq’s, work or to themselves. I don’t like blacks, great tits, gays shouldn’t be…. I say don’t pretend it wasn’t there. He pushed the door fully open. Since Brexit I am aware that some of those sweet smiles from some people were possibly just lies. I am clear where I stand with Trump.

After eight years of Obama – has race relations in America improved?

Are you blaming Trump for that? The police have always shot unarmed black men. What ethnic  groups have always filled the prisons?

Now is a phenomenal chance to hold people to account. To get them to explain and prove. A Brexit supporter gave me the tasty strap line of “it’s not about race, it’s about space”. So good. So crap. I know what its about. I can explain it and reason it. Now you have to engage with me on an intellectual level. If you can’t, then that proves I am on the right track. I am clear where I stand with Trump. I am people power!!

If Trump brings some business concepts to government great. That’s the reason British government is supposedly awash with special advisors. So they bring new, dynamic and innovative ways to the machinery of it all. What if the President says I want it done NOW? Solve the problem in weeks not months or years. And do it on budget etc? Imagine then possibility of and the speed of change.

What could you change with that mindset?

It could never be possible for a man like Trump to become Prime Minister in the U.K. with the same speed and be far enough removed from the experience of the system to offer change. For some people it’s been hard having an eloquent black man tell them what to do. A woman next would be too much.

I see and hear hysteria, fear and hypocrisy. I hear people, supposedly liberal and open minded labelling Trump people in negatives. The same thing they lambasted Trump for.There is a shortage of rational and realistic assessments of what has happened. And that is because it has just happened. Democracy is in trouble. Not because the system alongside capitalism is failing. But because both sides in any vote are turning out to be bad losers. It is what it is – get on with it. What can I do to move myself and the real world I am part of forward.

1- The U.S. electoral cycle has to be shortened. Almost two years and nearly two billion dollars later you have an exhausted country.

2- The system (the U.K. too) needs amending. Two or three States shouldn’t decide outcomes.

3- I am clear who I am and where I am going etc. (except those days I get lost – but I always make it back home). That means I can keep developing my plans. Keep moving forward. I am asking – “what are the opportunities here”?

4- GRATITUDE and PERSPECTIVE. I am working on keeping those in mind.

5- Yes all of this will affect the future. And our children. But us and older people too. I am clear what I want for the children and young people in my life. And it is now! I can’t control the future. I can offer them gratitude, perspective and authenticity NOW. So that they can be confident, loved, compassionate, empathetic and less angry human beings.

I am in control of me here and now. I love it!!!!


Keith Stewart – from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. A qualified TEFL teacher, Murder She Wrote and Colombo aficionado. A Spanish music and Motown fan.
NOVEMBER 2016 – BLOG #42
Only to be used with permission or attribution.