Theresa or Jeremy may lead me to……. #36

THURSDAY JULY 19th, 2016

I am considering voting Con servative. I want to be in a Party that has a strong, clear and resolute leader with a plan. One who is outwardly supported by their fellow M.P.’s, Party members and the public. A Party with an action plan – be unified; ministers to sort out the Brexit mess; the economic mess; the stalemate on Heathrow; decide about Trident; create harmony across the country; fight for the poor and disadvantaged; be a symbol of equality and opportunity and look smart. A Party that has aspirations and outwardly talks like it. It’s the con servatives who are outwardly offering me that at present.

The Labour Party want me to renew my membership this week. I am reading about spitting at my Brighton District Party A.G.M.(although I saw only good humour); a constituency office of a leadership candidate being attacked; the office not actually being attacked; a leader with no support from his M.P.’s; now new members can’t vote or have to pay £25 or….. doesn’t sound democratic; a Labour donor may take legal action because the Party Leader is automatically on the ballot (wish I had the money to do that) but that is democracy.

The majority of the nation said “up yours” to The Establishment with Brexit. A large portion of it said – we are not being listened to. So what do our Leaders do – run for cover and resign. Just as the world stopped laughing at us we get a new foreign secretary. Does he even know how to type? Of course he does, he earns £200k a year writing a newspaper column. Will he stop that job? What do our Parties do in a time of crisis. The Greens and Lib Dems must be on an early summer holiday. Is it worth me joining either party? The Leader of Scottish Labour is cracking people up with her jokes. And The Scottish National Party presses on with its plan – seems they had one.

While my Party implodes. Beats itself up. Destroys its credibility with the wider electorate. The very people who it needs to bring it to power. My local Party elections have been suspended I hear. No local meetings. Great – there is a local ward election in progress too.

This leaves those who need a voice high and dry. Well, actually they do have a voice. Our new Prime Minister says she will look after them. After years of being trampled underfoot by ideological, vengeful and biased economic policies from her Party, they will be free at last. You can trust the con servatives to deal with those in need. They have form for it. Their former leader started an unnecessary Referendum to have a pecker contest with some other rich blond bloke. And to placate the right wing in his Party. That’s democracy – where you use a Nation as your plaything and then run to hide when it breaks.

I keep hearing Labour people tell me, that we must speak louder about the Parties past achievements – especially the equalities legislation that helped to make society fairer. But how come it’s the Con servatives who have a female leader and Prime Minister – again. The con servatives have seen a massive increase in votes from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities. Why haven’t Labour had a black, female or Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual and Transgender leader?

The con servatives are instinctively a political Party of power. They know that the only way to make your policies a reality is to be in power. So they close ranks. Ledsom bit the bullet knowing she will get another shot. Maybe once Theresa and the gang have sorted the mess. All their Party are focused on staying in power. In the Westminster bubble some would have been promised jobs or that their dirty laundry would stay in the hamper. And some would have seen the needs of country as paramount. But they came together and its over. For a while New Labour had that instinct with a central command and control structure.

Labour’s election drags on. It implodes. It argues. It debates. It’s in fractions. But then every party is made up of fractions. Isn’t debate healthy?

I want a leader who is honest. Confident. Has clear and grounded values. One who is confident and goes forward but knows when to stop. Who knows how to create unity. Shared vision. Hope. Because if you can’t get your Party to believe in you, how will the electorate believe in you?


Keith Stewart – from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. A qualified TEFL teacher, Murder She Wrote and Colombo aficionado. A Spanish music and Motown fan.
JULY 2016 – BLOG #36
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