On September 25th after twenty years of sharing the home with my late mum I am moving. The house in London is sold and I am house hunting to eventually settle in Hove, East Sussex.
I am now on a six month sabbatical from work. I loved my role as a Conflict Resolution Trainer for Ikon Training, Ipswich. But it is now time to rest, reflect, travel and find a new home.
2015-08-26 11.08.11

Barrington’s coffee shop, Edinburgh.

I started my sabbatical with some days full of nothing – rubbish t.v. and junk food. Then had my first trip to Edinburgh for the festival. What a great city for strolling around, lots to see and a chilled out feel. I saw the comedian Stewart Lee plus a couple of other shows on the Fringe. Then I spent a few days in Doncaster with my great friends there – shopping, eating, walking, and visiting York. And had my first taste of a Jaimie Oliver’s restaurant, which was better than I expected. I managed to complete three rolls of film and am enjoying taking photos again – old school. And I invested in a new Canon digital camera – impressive. So much, in so little – new school.
2015-08-25 15.54.34

The Mound, Edinburgh.

Valencia, Spain this year and in 2016 a trip to Cuba and America will be my next on my travels. Cities like Canterbury, Liverpool, Berlin and Prague also sound good.
The independent investigation in to the poor treatment of my mother by wandsworth council and the care home she was in has begun.
Contact me if you would like to see a copy of the report and are willing to send feedback letters to the council.



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2015 – BLOG #32
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