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19th OCTOBER 2013 – SPACE!

Space is what I am creating over these weeks. Clearing out the draws; packing things away; washing the dust and grime away; finishing things off and then starting anew with other things. Thoughts, actions,objects – where ever the energy takes me. And also where I want to go. 
Big yawn – U.S.A. fiscal cliff – jump off it.

Time for space and to stop and stare and create a life with a balance of care.
It is also time to enjoy and celebrate what I have. So stop and stare.

A poor life this is if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare. 


Just back to good old Streatham. What to write about. Updated bits of the blog layout and pleased to be writing something every week.


Since Cameron took over their membership has plummeted. And at this week’s conference we heard the real rhythm of the Conservative heartbeat. Let’s attack the poor and most vulnerable in OUR society. Why shouldn’t the unemployed pick up litter(it’s what they are suited for)? That way the people employed to pick up litter can be sacked. And we need the empty bottles of booze(champagne in Tory land), burger wrappers and used condoms cleared.And if the unemployed do this work – what will become of the people who already have jobs doing it? Let’s get young people too – they run around just getting flats and benefits. Luckily we still have bankers and business making lots of profits. They are the important ones because they bank roll the Tory party and provide their ministers with jobs after their time in Parliament.

How scary were those speeches by Osborne and Cameron – so contrived in their words, gestures and presentation. Looking directly into the camera, going red to show his earnest belief, emphasis with the hands and the opening his arms in a messiah like pose. Welcoming us all(except skivers and the jobless) to the new GREAT Britain. I watched Cameron and could see Tony Blair – rehearsed and staged and plastic and hoping that all the people in the focus group would like it.

We need jobs and houses to build or rebuild our economy and society. Work gives people a sense of belonging and ownership. It gives them the self-respect so many unemployed people I have met crave. JOBS, JOBS,JOBS.

Who speaks up for the poor and those at the bottom of the ladder. Where is ED when we need him?


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