Why do Western Politicians hide behind their hypocritical coat of fighting for truth, freedom and democracy? Led by Marshall Obama and with the hapless Sheriffs – Cameron and Hollande flailing behind, they roar about the murderous behaviour of the Assad regime. Former friends?  The financial costs of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are estimated to reach $3.7 trillion dollars (www.costsofwar.org) with the on-going human costs immeasurable. Firing one cruise missile costs about a million dollars. But in the land of the free and home of the brave you have to fight for healthcare.

We know the elections in Zimbabwe have been suspect. Mugabe and his henchmen manipulate and oppress a once thriving country. Human rights trampled on – No action taken.
Israel constantly breaks International law by seizing land and building illegal settlements. There is a clear intent to stop the chance of a true two State solution. Palestinian rights trampled on. – No action taken.
Let’s not start talking about the nuclear arsenal Israel holds.
By the way any news on the Israel/Palestinian peace talks and our illustrious peace envoy.

But Saddam Hussein – Action!

Assad/Syria – 100,000 deaths, two million refugees. Suddenly the arrival of a chemical attack that crosses a “red line”. Action!
With speed and a commitment to bring about a change warships, planes and bombs are made ready. The money is found to keep this military hardware waiting until it is time for the Marshall to press the button. Meanwhile at home jobs are lost; nearly one million young people are out of work; services are cut; people lose their homes and a massive increase in the number of people using foodbanks. (In 2008-9 – 26,000 people in 2011-12 – 128,697 www.bbc.co.uk/news/business).

And this charge to teach Assad a lesson is led by a Nobel Peace Prize winner who has Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela as his heroes and inspiration. Our leaders have all the eloquence of the podium for their speeches. But our Leaders have values and truths that are variable with the fleeting moment. Or with the numbers of the latest opinion poll or focus group responses. There are no easy and straightforward answers but we have the technology and intellect to spend time finding them. Just not the energy or will to do it.


More rubbish fly on the wall progammes. Really? The goings on in a Take-away Chicken shop; life on the Railways and the Great British Bake Off – people in tears because their custard pie was soggy. Pull yourself together and get down to M. and S. and buy some. What would the great civilisations make of our T.V. schedule.


What a great year – a new David Bowie album and now a new Elton John album.