21st SEPTEMBER 2013

NOTHING MUCH TO WRITE TODAY. A cold laid me up for a few days.

I did notice UKIP showing it’s true colours. They are like the Conservatives. They try and stuff their demons into a satchel and hide it in the cupboard. But the door was left ajar and someone always pops out. Like that embarrassing uncle who turns up at family functions and by his second Sherry is on a roll. While everyone shuffles uncomfortably in their seat and hopes he will fall asleep soon.

I also noticed how India can afford a space programme and has just tested a nuclear missile which could fire a warhead into China. New Delhi calls it a”deterrence for peace” in attempt to warn China about its ambitions in the Indian Ocean. How silent the International community was about that. But Iran can’t have nuclear bombs. And India has a mass of people still consignedl to poverty. But bombs come first in our capitalist system.

And the deafening anti-Assad noise continues. While Al-Quaeda makes its mark in the area. And Israel continues to do whatever it fancies.

Labour will repeal the Bedroom Tax if they win power. At last they have something to do that isn’t a copy of the Con-Dem coalition.

Anyway time for bed.


Keith Stewart – from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. A qualified TEFL teacher, Murder She Wrote and Colombo aficionado. A Spanish music and Motown fan.
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