I attended a good Editors Forum with the Voice newspaper
( and filmed by Star TV for the popular Voice online forum.  The title for the discussion, which will be aired as part of Dawn’s show on Star TV – “Is Labour losing the black vote”. The Voice is the only Black British newspaper and with a 30 year history has a strong reputation. The Managing Director and Editor, George Ruddock opened the event with a breakdown on the newspaper’s research and a lead article the Voice just published under the title.

On the same day I saw an article at last about Labour. I was under the impression they had moved to another country by their immense silence this summer. Billboards telling illegal immigrants they will be kicked out and black people being stopped at tube stations. Not a word from Labour. The article showed pictures of Ed Milliband being pelted with eggs – the thrower – angry because Labour has neglected to fight for poor people.

That’s the state of the opposition. I don’t know what Labour stands for. I know they will do many of the same things as the Tories if they came to power. Cuts are inevitable. The Welfare system has to be reformed. Immigration tackled. But Housing is needed – critical. And Labour offers….?

I don’t feel Labour is fighting for anything or anyone. They seem to me lazy, laid-back vacationers – the fear is the fight will become internal and they implode. Allowing the other parties to continue to write the agenda. And with a  media that is so biased towards the Tory agenda that doesn’t help.

Todays Politicians are on a career path and have no vocation. No real grounded values. New Labour like the New Conservatives are modern day media fads. They move to where the latest Focus Group goes. Photo opportunities galore.

But I believe someone standing and speaking with heart, conviction, eloquence and facts could battle all of that. They could inspire and energise a debate. A debate that will bring out more facts. A debate that could be more nuanced than – send them all back.And our Politicians need to be the people doing this – fighting and becoming the onslaught for right, justice and the “British” way.

Yes Labour is losing but they haven’t lost. They need to believe that they WILL win and fight for us. They need to find and fulfill their destiny. Like Bush, Cameron, Johnson, Obama –  like them or not, they had a clear destiny in their head.

I want Labour to fight for and create jobs, build houses, a fair and empowering Welfare State and a fair place for immigrants.

How can Labour win the black vote?


Keith Stewart – from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. A qualified TEFL teacher, Murder She Wrote and Colombo aficionado. A Spanish music and Motown fan.
AUGUST 2013 – BLOG #20
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