What an eventful week -reflective and creative. I am keeping to my target and writing something each week. Almost got some work in Italy but turned out I am too old. 54 and over the hill. It’s all cocoa and slippers now. 


I read the book – The poem of the Cid – an easy read.Thrilling in a way as I could see images from the film and hear the voices of the knights. Heroes and villains well presented. But the main thing is – I read a book. I usually am reading newspapers and magazines. I was inspired to sort my own books out and pull out those with a Black theme – same with the videos and dvd’s. 
Now I have the books out that I haven’t read on one shelf. When I look at my bookshelf the books, dvd’s, videos are there and inspire me. I was surprised how many books with that theme I had and how many I had already read. 

I pulled out IC3 – The Penguin book of new black writing in Britain (ISBN- 0-241-14047-1. New in 2000 when I bought it and now my next read. I have a Kindle but the feel of a real book and real pages to turn is a greater experience. 

I am going to the Afro Comb exhibition in Cambridge
( to see the 6,000 years of MY culture, politics and identity. And see what it can show me in 2013. And I am going to reignite the Black Men’s Group in Brighton. 
There’s a need for some work on getting people registered to vote, educated about the political world and then get them out there to vote. Especially ethnic groups, disabled and older people. Those who are harshly affected by many political events but never consulted. I have been buzzing with ideas there all week. It’s great when your brain comes out of hibernation.


Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – taken on the way up in 2005.(c Keith Stewart)


Unlike the summer. The Bank Holiday weekend is here and with it the nights getting darker earlier. That was summer that was.

But it’s not ALL over. The butterflies still swoop around and the flowers still flower so there’s still lots to be done and enjoyed.


Brighton Beach with the Old Pier in view. (c Keith Stewart)