As a life- long fan of The Jacksons I see them as musical and creative royalty. Watching this film I saw another side of the man. The title “a legend” fits squarely and safely on his shoulders. When rehearsing a song he drops in words and phrases such as – “let it simmer”, “nourish” “with love” – speaking about the creative process as organic and like a living thing. The music is in his DNA. Not an X Factor add on-where they take on a song with the same ego as they don their outfits to perform. This man, lived, breathed and inhabited the creative moment and each note. Fantastic- as he stands with a guitarist and urges her to find the highest note she can – more- keep going – “It’s your moment to shine” he tells her. And we will be there with you. Getting the best and more from his crew so they can give their best. Inspiration. Motivation. Leadership. Humility – he is not bigger than the show or the audience.
All the time reaching and soaring just like an eagle among eagles.