A great event to watch – the closest thing Americans have to a coronation – but no gowns, crowns and unsightly relatives.
But more – it was clever politicking with an eye to pleasing the biggest growing minority in the States – the Hispanic Americans. He knows who has their vote and “the gays” will win the White House in 2016. The inauguration speeches and personalities reflected, celebrated and paid homage to that fact. It opened the door to their minds via the heart.


The Nobel Committee said he won it for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”.

·         He has deported more people than George W. Bush.
·         He signs Executive Orders to launch drones against “terrorists” – no trial needed.
·         He sanctioned cyber-attacks against Iran, Thought you wanted to develop dialogue.
·         Martin Luther King, his hero.Obama used MLK’S bible as part of the swearing in process. Gandhi – an inspiration to MLK. They were fans of peace.
·         Sanctioned – with a front row seat to watch – the capture/shooting of Osama Bin Laden. How that increased his credentials as a tough President (see the Iron Lady). Some say his greatest foreign policy achievement in the first term.
·         Israel – Palestine – silence for four years and in the inauguration. Hilary Clinton traveled a million miles and what was achieved. Now his second term has begun and no action is promised. The silence on the Israel-Palestine question is deafening.
By the way any news on our peace envoy. Last seen lining up to bank his cheques from advising governments and making speeches. Wonder if Barack will call him for tips?

I wait to see how history judges his time and wonder when he will, like all Leaders, start to see his reflection in the mirror of history.

The “shooter” –the man who pulled the trigger and shot Osama Bin Laden left the military in September 2012 with 16 years of service because he feared he would not survive to see his children grow. He is now without a pension or health insurance because he did not complete 20 years of service and is struggling financially. (i- Feb 2013)