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I was sent a chain email recently. I wrote this in reaction to it – they are negative in their aim most of the times and peddle on fears. The email said pass this on and get money, break the chain and… The email linked the idea of passing it on to Feng Shui. I sent this reply to the person who emailed me and asked them to break the chain too and send back good wishes.

Dear …….

Feng Shui is about opening up your life – if you Feng Shui your own life, your car, your house, your office then you will see good health, wealth and joy flow around you like water around a rock. Embracing and covering you and flowing to others around you.

These chain letters are about fear. When I read this one I felt panic and fear. Who can I pass it to….my family? My friends? Maybe someone I don’t like and if I don’t like them why am I even letting them in to my life? I and time have cleaned out of my life people with a “vexatious spirit”.

Why would you send someone you care about (or even someone you don’t care about) something that perpetrates to bring them bad luck, fear, ill health or loss of wealth. The message in the email chain is pass it on and get good fortune for you – what about the other person. That is not Feng Shui or anything good. The essence of a chain is selfish at the core.

I look at the stresses in my life. I look around the world and see people dying in Syria, Bahrain and Palestine for freedom to walk where they want. In this country a Government bill to snoop on our emails and this….

I wish for anyone who forwarded this email, or has been sent one or ever forwarded one:-
Good health-spiritual, physical and emotional.
An opportunity to sit and smell the coffee – hear the birds sing above the    rattle of your mind and life’s daily grind.
The joy of hearing and seeing something or someone old as new again.
A new friend or person in your life who breathes joy like smooth, sweet toffee all over you.

Stop these chains. Send people good wishes. When someone sends you this sort of trash send it back to them and wish them well. That opens up the world and light pours in to yours and into their life.


22nd March 2012 – HOPE DYING

The queen has rededicated herself to the service of the nation. Tough break Charles.
“I’ll serve this great country for years….”
Unlucky Charles-just like Tony did to Gordon. Stuffed. You should have paid for the curry.

The Evening Standard – the guardian of Great Britain’s sacred city writes objectively about the 2012 Mayoral contest. Or so it seems – the headline, the flow of the content but like much of modern politicking the airbrush is hard at work Hollywood stars take note.
Boris (last one out switch off the lights) as the next Leader of the Conservatives and possibly Prime Minister. Almost makes me want to see David/Nick stay on. I imagine Obama, Putin would look and say the clowns are here. A new sideshow. But the article cleverly compares Boris’s rising start to “gaff prone “George Osborne. While Boris is gaff free. What short memories journalists and the public create for themselves. In the early days Boris dropped a few – I mean to lose one Deputy Mayor is a shame, to lose two unfortunate but three… He is a laugh, a character, doesn’t take himself seriously (or you for that matter) people say. Now we elect our leaders with which way is Essex or Made in Chelsea analytical depth.
He treats everyone the same – doesn’t see colour. I mean he is an ordinary bloke. Earning 250k a year writing for a newspaper. “Knocking one off” in his spare time and being paid for it he says. Doesn’t affect his role as Mayor, especially as he does very little – I mean the London boroughs function without permission of the Mayor. They have staff and Leaders – they empty the bins and provide your local services – not a former member of the Bullingdon Club. Of course if I went to a restaurant, got drunk and smashed it up you would expect me to write a cheque to pay for the damage and go.

We need more gay teachers. I don’t want to be known as black, gay or whatever. Please call me Keith, know me as a positive human being. When you talk about gay, black etc. role models don’t forget everyone does not choose to follow that picture. Maybe they can model humanity and being the person first. And in that being someone who is achieving despite, against, because of the odds.
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