Fantastic – my best day for weeks. I was able to complete the three/four mile walk to the doctors without stopping and getting breathless. Enjoying every step of being out in the sunshine on a beautiful day. With a sky, temperature and light that marks the relentless march towards spring. The waiting room TV was pouring out classic, inspiring Britishness – Carry on Cruising. My back is healing well. And the pneumonia is all clearing up. I can breathe; no pains and I can sleep. The British Health Service is still the best in the world. My care wasn’t perfect and it’s time for people to think about perfection. But it was good enough to get me back out there. And we need more celebrating British success and less jabbing at it like we want to pop a blister.
I got home and relaxed more classic stuff – Norman Wisdom. Did I need my painkillers this afternoon?