27th Feb 2012
I phoned the Labour Party Head Office today just before 1p.m. I followed the instructions – choice four she said and I waited with great expectations. Hark another message – please call back in an hour. What? Must be a mistake – so I called again; choice four again and the recorded message again. Call back in an hour – are the Labour Party closed for lunch? Maybe losing to a Government that is pushing up unemployment, prices, pensions etc. must build up an appetite. The Conservatives don’t stop for lunch – they have Waitrose send it in. Lib Dems – who cares what they do. EDF and the BNP have only just discovered fire anyway. I emailed Ed about him being out to lunch – let’s see what the response is……
The United States of America – the World Police and our lead Democracy. The beacon guiding our way through the moral maze of our time. During the period of a week or so in Cleveland, Ohio a teenager goes in to school and before breakfast shoots five schoolmates – one dead. In Seattle an eight year old is critically ill after a nine year old shot her accidentally in school. The nine year old appears in court in an orange jumpsuit, the fashion choice of the American penal system. To the country that gave us Coca-Cola, the Ford Mustang, Motown and Dick van Dyke – you are in serious trouble when your children are shooting each other in the school playground.
I was pleased to hear David Cameron talking about Somalia – helping them sort out their problems and find peace; with the usual self interest mentioning fighting terrorism and therefore helping us. And then a few days later, there on the front page of The Observer (I don’t buy the paper – it was in a coffee shop and I wanted to sound intellectual) – oil, the U.K. photos of a nervous William Hague in an armoured personnel carrier and Somalia – so that’s why we are helping. Oil. Zimbabwe can go fly- Democracy being strangled live on the evening news. No oil.
Somalia – oil – we will help you get at it. The modern face of Imperialism is a natural place for Cameron and his people to hunt. We don’t use warships – just BP, brown envelopes and ministerial trips with Prime Ministers signing deals.
And what will the ordinary person get – here in the West, more fuel to power a life we already know is unsustainable. Somalia? – Who cares I have the life I need.

Keith Stewart – from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. A qualified TEFL teacher, Murder She Wrote and Colombo aficionado. A Spanish music and Motown fan.
27th FEBUARY 2012 – BLOG #4
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