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Clever manipulation? Harry and his first tour is a big success. Don’t we ALL love Kate? She always seems to me to be in need of a serious fry up –chips and fried bread included. I am not against The Royal Family – what they cost against what they bring in is a good balance sheet. Abolishing the Monarchy would do more harm culturally and economically then we could gain. I get bored with the media driven “love-in” – another free magazine for The Mail. How come there is such emotion and hearts fluttering for them No hearts flutter for David, Nick or Ed.
Charles must be peeved. Kate is out travelling with the Queen and being groomed for the job. He’s out in the cold. Maybe there has been a deal. Like with Gordon and Tony. Probably they all met at the Kennington Tandoori – Phillip, Charles, Camilla, Liz, William and Harry and made a deal over the popadums. In between Phillip’s culturally sharp comments and Liz collecting the dishes together for the waiter.
The Queen keeps the crown until the 60th is over. Charles gets it for ten years while Will and Kate knock a few little ones out and then… with all our hearts ringing. King William.


We need much more public debate about issues – monarchy, immigration, NHS, gay marriage – all the BIG things affecting society. Less polarised, open to options and airing opinions with clear information. Then informed choice can develop and be made.


David and Barack – the love in. Both men in need of some stature raising photos. Anything to help raise their profile and keep the focus groups happy.


I went to a meeting in Wandsworth. I was astonished and saddened and shocked to hear a Council official say “We are all equal” when asked about dealing with discrimination in her role. In the Public Sector too many lame duck, brain anorexic people are fluttering around. On their sides like a pigeon hit by a car. Flapping their wings busily but moving nowhere. Bits of brain and feather flying in the wind. Dying and unable to put themselves out of our misery.



Fantastic – my best day for weeks. I was able to complete the three/four mile walk to the doctors without stopping and getting breathless. Enjoying every step of being out in the sunshine on a beautiful day. With a sky, temperature and light that marks the relentless march towards spring. The waiting room TV was pouring out classic, inspiring Britishness – Carry on Cruising. My back is healing well. And the pneumonia is all clearing up. I can breathe; no pains and I can sleep. The British Health Service is still the best in the world. My care wasn’t perfect and it’s time for people to think about perfection. But it was good enough to get me back out there. And we need more celebrating British success and less jabbing at it like we want to pop a blister.
I got home and relaxed more classic stuff – Norman Wisdom. Did I need my painkillers this afternoon?


4th MARCH 2012

MUCH, MUCH less pain. More sleep. Even more joy was the visit by my sister and two nieces which raised spirits to stratospheric heights. I was last IN hospital aged eight with a broken leg. It feels like a surreal experience being IN hospital now. Normally I am here with my mum, settling her, dealing with her needs. Now I am partly helpless and dependant on others. But I am still keen to maintain my independence.
Medical practitioners are not good listeners. They are good at hearing. To reinforce their opinion, the signs, the symptoms, their hunches and past experience. They then prance on to the next step and with only a few minutes per interaction that’s no surprise. During my hospital stay I didn’t feel really listened to. Even the guy who put sugar on my cereal – seconds after being told no.


3rd MARCH 2012

Things are improving slowly. I am still getting pain but not as much or as often as before. Eating better – hospital food is palatable. It is like a digestible Big Mac meal. I am sleeping in between screams of agony. It is my right to be a drama queen. And there is a bit of a view of the sea, if I raise the bed high and look over the rooftops. I haven’t read a paper, an email, heard music or seen the TV. for four days – what bliss. It has been a great chance to rest my brain – let it process what is already there and add very little more. My brain is on vacation. Plus the ward had no windows. Who knows what the weather was like? And to be honest I am exhausted by this illness and can’t compute too many things in the moment.

1ST MARCH 2012

Two days on and I am lying on my back with needles and things being poked in to me to create a drain for the fluid on my lungs. This will help to clear draw it out. The job is expertly done with immense care and precision by this team of people who are superb. Just like so many of the Professionals in our National Health Care Service. The impressive CT scan is whirring away while they find the right spots in my back to insert the needles using its imaging. With all this technology I feel like I am on a Star Trek set and the future is now. I have a form of pneumonia and this procedure will clear it out and stop the pain- and be worth it in the end the nurse assures me – the pain for the next two days doesn’t back that up. I don’t do pain. Painkillers galore help keep me from being a blubbering wreck.
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