I am not doing too well on keeping this blog going. There seems to be so many other things to do – episodes of Big Bang Theory, Inbetweeners or Angry Boys to watch. Points to build up on my Costa Coffee Club card.

New work – started delivering training for Brighton and Hove Mediation Service. And Youtforce at The Phoenix Centre, Sandwich, Kent – a long drive but totally worth it.Now my new job training for The Professional Training Group has kept me busy over the past weeks – Henley, Oxford, Maidenhead, Bicister, Berkhampsted, Whealty near Oxford and Chichester.  A great time, lots of driving, meeting new people, seeing the countryside. Scary too – it is a totally different kind of training. Challenging. But I am loving it. Staying away so much is good too. Today has been a day off with work still to do and a chance to catch up.

It’s now 5 months that I have been abstaining from sex and what a great experience. Lots to say about it. The first meeting last night with THT to look at a Project around sexual behaviour was good. I want a postcard or a resource made. When I see that I will know I have succeeded with the Project.www.tht.org.uk

I was a witness at a wedding the other day – a surreal event. Just asked on my way out of Brighton Town Hall. They were off to Venice for their real ceremony – wonder if I would recognise them again. 10 minutes and it was all over.

Well, that’s the highlights for now.
Chat again in five months or so.

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MARCH 2011 – BLOG #3
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