Passionately curious about people, places and the way we live – I am on a global journey of discovery and adventure to find out more, reveal stories and share them with you.

As a blog writer, poet and photographer, I embrace independent thinking and creativity in equal measure.   This website provides access to my blogs, photographs and poetry – the combination of which captures my journey, provokes further thought and reflects the themes of our time.

As I no longer own a home and my possessions are in store I feel free from some of the material things that have served to root me for most of my adult life.  Fortunately, friendships are free – and part of my journey is to feed and nurture present and new ones.

‘Follow your bliss’(John Campbell) is my new mantra and I am travelling with purpose and meaning across the globe to meet with and understand people who live their life differently to my own.  On the way, I am trying to say ‘yes’ to everything (read my blogs to see how that’s turning out!), learn and experience new things and see the 7 continents and wonders of the world.  Alongside this, I am meeting with people of all ages and cultures – ranging from musicians and artists – to ‘global influencers’, native American’s and Aboriginal people.

If you also see and think differently then please follow my journey and get involved!

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